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    Sunstone Development Co., Ltd specializes in the production and marketing of prebaked carbon anodes to the aluminum industry both domestically in China as well as the export of anodes throughout the rest of the world. Sunstone believes in the application of science and technology to produce the highest quality and most cost effective anodes in the aluminum industry. The company regularly enlists the talents of globally recognized specialists in the production of carbon anodes. Sunstone is committed to Research and Development in order to meet and exceed customer requirements both in China and abroad.

        Sunstone is an innovative leader in the use of technologies to improve the quality of carbon anodes. In order to support our commitment to R&D activities, Sunstone has opened an independent research and development center employing more than 200 people, including 20 senior R&D staff personnel and 50 engineers. The staff includes 10 people who hold PhD’s and 40 who have obtained post graduate Masters Degrees in various fields of science and technology. The Sunstone Development R&D Center is used as a provincial academic and post doctoral research facility. The R&D Center also houses the Shandong Engineering and Technology Research Center of Petroleum Coke Resources and the Shandong Sino-Swiss Cooperative Research Center for Carbon Materials.

        In April of 2010 the Sunstone Laboratory in Shandong province was designated as an independent laboratory for testing and analysis by the National Laboratory Accreditation Board. This is one of the largest and most capable laboratories in China dedicated to the testing and analysis of petroleum coke and carbon products. The project "Research on Prebaked Anode Quality Control Technologies and its Applications” won the first prize of Science and Technology Award by CNIA (China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association). The project "Research on Prebaked Anode Key Technologies and its Industrialization" won the first prize of Science and Technology Development Award of Gansu Province. Also, Sunstone Development holds 21 patents for equipment and technology developments that have been granted by “The Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” of Gansu Province and “The Shandong Engineering Laboratories” of Shandong Province.

        Sunstone owns two prebake anode manufacturing facilities. These plants are located in Shandong Province in the east of China and in Gansu Province in the northwest of China. The Shandong facility has been awarded the “Outstanding Export and Foreign Trade Enterprise” by Shandong Province as well as other local awards and honors. The anodes produced by Sunstone have been recognized as world-class anodes for their excellent quality and have received many domestic awards for innovation and quality as well. In 2008 Sunstone earned the Gold Award from the Chinese Non-ferrous Metal Products Quality Commission and the Top Exporter Award from the Carbon Industry Association of China. Sunstone was the first domestic Enterprise to win this title. Since 2009 Sunstone has twice been awarded the “Top Company” by the “Shandong Province Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision”. In 2005 Sunstone achieved ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Certification and in 2010 upgraded the system to ISO 9001:2008. Sunstone is committed to providing a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work environment. Sunstone has been an active participant in formulating national environmental standards. The company emphasizes green technologies that involve maximizing the use of recycled materials, and even the development of a technology to improve green coke utilization in the calcining process. Other awards earned by Sunstone include Rio Tinto’s top HSE Supplier, the China Carbon Trade Associations “Enterprise Energy Conservation Award” and China’s only Research and Development facility dedicated exclusively to anode production and carbon material research.